Pricing Overview

Texas HealthCare Pharmacy offers three types of pricing methods for our hospices. 


Our standard pricing plan is a fee-for-service plan in which you simply pay for each prescription that is ordered.  There are no additional costs for delivery unless that item needs to be delivered STAT, and then a nominal delivery charge will apply.

Per Diem

A per diem plan is available to hospices that maintain an average of 30 patients or more.  Our extensive formulary covers most of items that are necessary for hospice coverage, but if a patient needs something off that formulary, the standard pricing from our fee-for-service pricing will apply to that item.  As mentioned above, all deliveries are included unless the package needs to be delivered STAT.

Third Party

Our third option is to go through a Third Party Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM).  We are currently contracted with Optim, HospiceMed, and EHO.  If you are working with a PBM that is not on this list, please have them contact the pharmacy to discuss contracting.


Pursuant to the 2014 CMS requirement 8358, Texas HealthCare Pharmacy has created the medication files needed to fulfill this requirement.  We currently export that .cvs file in format to upload to Cerner, HealthCare First, HomeCare HomeBase, Kinnser, McKesson, and Suncoast.  If you use Consolo as your EMR, we have an exclusive ability to upload the medication file directly to your Consolo database.  And of course if there is an EMR that is not on this list, we will happily create a new template for that format.