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Reminder - Pharmacy Delivery Schedules and Cutoff Times

At Texas Health Care Pharmacy, we understand the importance of getting medication delivered in a prompt manner. In order to provide the highest quality service, we have three scheduled delivery runs per weekday – , , and – and two on Saturdays – and . In order to ensure that your medicine order is delivered when you expect it, please be remember the cutoff times for each run:

Monday - Friday

for the *

for the

for the


for the

for the

Any order called in after the evening cutoff times, or on Sunday will be delivered as a “Stat” unless told to hold for another run. Contractually, we have a 4-hour window from order time and receipt of all pertinent information (i.e. demographics) to deliver the package. The vast majority of stats are delivered as soon as they are ready as we have specific drivers on standby to facilitate any emergencies.

* The run, which is specifically for orders that are able to be delivered the next morning, has a cutoff time of the night before. There is no on Monday mornings.

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